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About the Photographers

Paul has been taking photographs since 1974 and at that time was using a Zenith E camera handed down (well, bought really) from his elder brother Stephen, who’s web site you can visit from the links page. I upgraded to a Yashica B and eventually to the Nikon system, the first being the Nikon F301. This camera had a built in light meter and was considered a good starter camera. As my experience improved I decided to upgrade to a Nikon FA, then the Nikon F3 film cameras. I have remained with the Nikon camera system ever since.

Some years ago I decided to take the plunge and went Digital. My first choice was the Nikon D200, followed several years later by the Nikon D3. I now use the Nikon D4 arguably the best low light digital camera on the market today (2013) that enables me to take images without the need for intrusive flash on those special occasions.

Gill having played the “photographic widow” for too long, decided in 2008 to see how difficult this photographic business could be and duly “borrowed” Paul’s D200 camera and embarked on a steep learning curve. As a result, has developed a portfolio of images some of which can be viewed here in the galleries section.

In 2003 I started handcrafting greeting cards for all occasions using the more traditional methods; decoupage, peel offs, matting and layering etc. However in 2007 I also started incorporating Pauls images as well. Over the years, I’ve built up a loyal client base and also take commissions for special events; Wedding Day, Babies Birth, 18th, 21st Birthdays,
Silver, Ruby, Golden Anniversaries, etc.

I would be more than happy to discuss your requirements (for either traditional or photographic) should you wish to avail yourself of this service. Prices are dependant on size and quantity required so please contact Gill using the "contact us" page.

Paul is a members of the Farnborough Camera Club (FCC) You can gain access to the FCC site via the links page.